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Nearing deadline for information exchange?Looking for reliable vendor to entrust your Document Unitization and Coding?

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Litigation Support

At ABP We put our 10 years of expertise to assist you in your Investigation & Discovery augmenting your success quotient.

Data security & confidentiality are adhered to at all times under strict user controls and protocols equally supported by state of the art security products.

Our highly trained and qualified professionals follow stringent Unitization(LDD) and Coding protocols to deliver the most accurate data. Before subjecting any project to Unitization or Coding, your inputs and guidelines are carefully scrutinized and a customized project manual is prepared for your approval. Our team then strictly follows the manual instructions to Unitize the pages or Code data into respective fields in a structured database enabling you to quickly and efficiently pull out required information from a large data set.


With years of experience and learning we have developed applications for our coding and unitization needs which helps us to provide accurate data to our clients.

Unitization (LDD)

With capacity of over 30,000 pages per day we can easily process and efficiently assign the document boundaries for the document collection using strict rules and supportive softwares. We customize Document Unitization(LDD) for your needs by identifying the smallest physical boundaries to create a document collection.

Unitization With Attachment Range

Differentiating the documents from one another and simultaneously establishing the connections between the documents through various attachments expedites your data retrieval process. Reducing the search time thereby increase your overall productivity.

Objective Coding

As per the approved coding manual our coders capture minimum of 6 basic fields i.e. Doc Date, Doc Type, Doc Title, Author, Recipient and CC/BCC. The coded information passes through stringent quality checks for missing or invalid data and finally accurate and fool-proof case file is delivered in the format that suits your data retrieval application.

Subjective Coding

Subjective title or any other custom field coding is undertaken after thoroughly understanding your project requirements.

In-text Data Capture

Every page of the document are physically read through and information like Names in text, Key Words etc. are coded.

Bates Capture

Page Level or Document Level Bate Numbers are captured. Double Key and Verify process is initiated to maintain accurate bate capturing.

Online Remote Coding

For Security Sensitive clients we can work on files on your server under a secured VPN connection provided by you. This allows the images to remain in your custody and available to us only for viewing to perform unitization or coding.


  • Experienced Partner
  • Coders with average 7+ years experience
  • In-House Developed Softwares
  • Consistent Quality
  • Quick Turn Arround
  • Size No Matter
  • Round The Clock Support
  • Competitive Pricing

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