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Data Capture

ABP Solutions captures data irrespective of their document types from scanned images of your paper documents, photographs, books or any other electronic Native files. The files are indexed with keywords that will allow a fast and accurate retrieval of your information for any authorized users when and where they need it.

We promise leading industry standard of 99.9% accuracy for our data entry services although our effort will be to achieve 99.99% accuracy through our double key and verify data entry process.

We promise a response within 30 minutes for any quote request or questions even during project execution.

Our facilities operate 24 X 7 except on Government Listed Holidays. Our sales representatives are available to answer your questions during US business hours.


We have been in the data entry/ Indexing business since 2004. The average work experience of our employee is 6 years. We manage billions of pages of paper and electronic documents annually Guarantee 99.9% accuracy on our deliverables Most Competitive pricing

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